Hartford, Connecticut

Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing throughout Hartford with Heritage Housing

HAO worked with heritage Housing to obtain various HUD approvals in connection with its preservation of five affordable housing projects as part of a low-income housing tax credit transaction.

Project Overview

Heritage Housing set out to preserve five unique and distinct projects located throughout Hartford, Connecticut. One of the properties was Barbour Gardens, a property with a troubled history whose project-based rental assistance Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contract had recently been abated by HUD due to severe physical condition issues. Another property, Enfield Magnolia, had a Moderate Rehabilitation form of HAP contract that was limited to one-year contract renewals. The remaining properties were Casa Verde Sur, 95 Vine, and Sigourney Square, all of which were subsidized under different types of HAP contract renewals.


In order to finance a rehabilitation of each property, including a gut rehabilitation of Barbour Gardens, Heritage Housing obtained new financing for the portfolio consisting of Connecticut Housing Finance Authority tax-exempt bonds and 4% low-income housing tax credits. The financing allowed Heritage Housing to complete an average rehabilitation of $75,000/unit across the portfolio. Not only did Heritage Housing improve the physical condition of the properties, but it also ensured the five properties would remain as long-term affordable housing by extending their affordability commitments an additional 30 years.

Applicable HUD Programs

  • Moving Section 8
  • Mod Rehab RAD Conversion
  • Chapter 15/MUTM

Meet the Project Team

Debby Klosko, principal

Deborah Klosko


Caitlin Steele, Associate

Caitlin Steele


Liz Peralta, paralegal

Debra Tretola


Project Details

Heritage Housing Obtains HUD Approvals for Large-Scale Rehabilitation

Moving Section 8

Barbour Gardens had no rental subsidy after HUD abated its HAP contract. HAO worked with Heritage Housing to obtain HUD approval to transfer Section 8 subsidy from another property in Hartford, whose HAP contract had also recently been abated, to Barbour Gardens so that it could continue to provide subsidized housing after the rehabilitation.

Mod Rehab RAD Conversion

Enfield Magnolia had a Mod Rehab HAP contract that was limited to one-year renewals. HAO helped Heritage Housing convert the Mod Rehab contract to a project-based rental assistance HAP contract through HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD), allowing it to increase the Section 8 rent levels and to obtain a long-term subsidy contract.

HAP Combination

Casa Verde and 95 Vine were previously subsidized under two different HAP contracts. To increase operational efficiency throughout the portfolio, HAO helped Heritage combine the two contracts into a single renewal contract, which allows HUD to treat it as a single property.

20-Year HAP Renewal and Rent Increase

To support the financing for the rehabilitation, HAO obtained HUD approvals to renew the combined Casa Verde and 95 Vine HAP contract for a 20-year term with a Chapter 15, post-rehabilitation rent increase.

Project Outcomes

Heritage Housing Preserves Five Affordable Housing Projects in Hartford

Heritage Housing’s acquisition and rehabilitation of Barbour Gardens, Enfield Magnolia, 95 Vine, Casa Verde Sur, and Sigourney Square will preserve the projects as affordable housing for the long-term and provide Harford with important affordable housing assets. Through its work with HUD, HAO helped Heritage Housing make the rehabilitation possible and provide for the long-term subsidy for 179 households.

Additional information and a video showcasing the rehabilitation of Barbour Gardens can be found here.

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