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HUD Multifamily Programs

Leverage HUD multifamily programs by partnering with a trusted firm experienced in helping you understand the HUD rules and policies that regulate your property.

Overview of HUD Multifamily Programs

Understand HUD Multifamily Programs and Regulatory Requirements

Maximize HUD programs with guidance from HAO.

We advise our clients on how to understand and leverage a number of HUD multifamily programs. Find out how each program works, and enhance possibilities for your ownership, operation, and management.

Numerous avenues for multifamily owners and developers exist — learn how to take advantage of these HUD multifamily programs in developing your housing projects by working with the team at HAO.

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We help you understand HUD programs.

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Project-Based Section 8

Understand rent setting, income, occupancy and management requirements and the best options for renewing and extending your HAP contract.

FHA Insured Loans

Acquire a property with an FHA loan through HUD’s Transfers of Physical Assets process, prepay your FHA loan, and ensure compliance with the HUD regulatory agreement.

202 Loans and Capital Advances

Learn more about unique ownership, affordability, rent setting, and occupancy requirements for the 202 Direct Loan and Capital Advance Programs, the best ways to utilize HAP contracts and Project Rental Assistance Contract (PRAC), and opportunities for additional subsidy.

RAD Conversions

Find out whether a RAD conversion is the best path for your 202 PRAC or Mod Rehab Property including the rent setting, reserve, distribution, and financing requirements, and understand the rules governing your post-RAD conversion HAP contract.

Housing Choice and Project-Based Vouchers

Unravel the complexities of HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher and Project-Based Voucher programs and get advice on working with Public Housing Authorities.

236 Loans and Decoupled Projects

Map compliance with 236 use agreement and interest reduction payment (IRP) agreements including rent setting, distributions, and occupancy requirements and learn options for obtaining additional subsidy.

LIHPRHA Projects

Understand the LIHPRHA use agreement and requirements related to rent setting, distributions, and reserves.

Mark-to-Market Projects

Master the requirements of the Mark-to-Market program including loan repayment, rent setting, and reserves, and learn about potential ways to recapitalize your property including through HUD’s Qualified Nonprofit or Due on Sale Clause waiver programs.


Determine restrictions on your property related to its participation in the HOME program including affordability and reporting requirements.

Work with HAO on HUD Multifamily Programs

Experienced guidance with HUD multifamily programs.

Get the answers you need on your HUD multifamily projects with a service-driven team of attorneys experienced with HUD and affordable housing.

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Understand the Requirements of Project-Based Section 8

We’ll guide you in making the right decisions.

As an owner of a project with a HAP contract, you are subject to a myriad of rules and regulations.

We help you in understanding the management, occupancy, rent setting, reserve, and distribution requirements, and guide you in choosing the right renewal and rent setting option.

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Meet our Team of Attorneys Focused on HUD Multifamily Programs

An experienced team dedicated to protecting your interests.

For more than 30 years, our firm has offered advice to those seeking to manage preservation transactions, access HUD multifamily programs, and ensure HUD compliance.

For-profit and nonprofit owners and developers of all sizes, lenders, housing authorities, and government entities often rely on HAO to advise on HUD multifamily programs.

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