Established 1991

Our Story

30 years of working with clients to develop and preserve federally-assisted affordable housing.

Our Focus

Anticipate and Adapt to Changing Laws and Regulations

Our focus has always been on multifamily affordable housing.

We provide experienced and practical legal advice to developers, owners, lenders, and managers involved in the provision of multifamily affordable housing.

Founded in 1991 by Art Hessel and Tim Aluise, we’ve grown our team of industry-leading attorneys to provide legal support around the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs, affordable housing preservation, and compliance and enforcement.  Tim remains as Special Counsel.  Art retired from the practice of law in 2012.

The HAO Difference

Drive Your Project Forward

It takes a deep understanding of HUD — as well as decades of experience with federal housing law and policy — to efficiently maneuver your transactions in the desired direction.

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100% HUD-Focused

We’ve worked with every HUD office across the country for over 30 years — some of us even worked at HUD in the past — helping us bring a depth of experience to you.

Extension of Your Team

We seek to get you an accurate, actionable response quickly and solve your legal challenges. We’re on your team, ready to help you reach your goals.

Small and Nimble Firm

You don’t just get a single attorney on your case. Our team works closely together to share experiences and knowledge in pursuit of positive outcomes for you.

Meet Our Experienced Attorneys

When it comes to managing the legal affairs of our clients, knowing the right people and the right processes is critical for success. With decades of experience at HUD and in multifamily affordable housing, our team of attorneys navigate the complexities of the field with ease.

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Helping You Manage Your Multifamily Affordable Housing Projects

We help you understand your project and strategize to meet your goals.

Whether you need help with renewing or transferring a Section 8 HAP contract, you need advice on HUD insured loans, or you seek access to one of HUD’s numerous programs — we’re here to help you.

Project-Based Section 8

Assign, renew, combine, bifurcate, or move a Section 8 contract and learn about regulatory, occupancy, and management requirements.

FHA Insured Loans

Acquire a property with an FHA loan through HUD’s Transfers of Physical Assets process, prepay your FHA loan, and ensure compliance with the HUD regulatory agreement.

202 Loans and Capital Advances

Prepay a 202 loan, understand program requirements, assume a Capital Advance and Project Rental Assistance Contract (PRAC), or convert your Capital Advance to Section 8 through HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program.

Mod Rehab RAD Conversions

Convert your Mod Rehab contract to Project-Based Section 8 or Project-Based Vouchers through RAD.

Housing Choice and Project-Based Vouchers

Understand the complexities of HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher and Project-Based Voucher programs and obtain Enhanced Vouchers or Project-Based Vouchers for at-risk residents.

236 Loans and Decoupled Projects

Determine the associated requirements, guidance, and forms for your transactions, from Section 236 Prepayment Approval to Interest Reduction Payments Decoupling and post-decoupling requirements.

LIHPRHA Projects

Leverage the Low-Income Housing Preservation and Resident Homeownership Act (LIHPRHA), as well as access guidance on the circumstances for amending use agreements and increasing rents.

Post Mark-to-Market Projects

Refinance or acquire a property that has received the benefits of a debt restructuring under the Mark-to-Market Program, including through HUD’s Qualified Nonprofit or Due on Sale Clause waiver programs.

Are You Ready to Help Preserve Affordable Housing?

Work with our team of industry-leading attorneys.

Up for a challenge? HUD work is a convoluted and dynamic field in constant flux as priorities across the U.S. ebb and flow. Help protect the opportunities for all people to find affordable housing by supporting clients who own and develop affordable housing.

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Making HUD Programs Accessible Comes First

Get guidance through all phases of financing, developing, owning, and operating your federally-assisted multifamily portfolio.

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