Atlanta, Georgia

Multi-Phase Redevelopment with Wingate Companies

HAO worked with Wingate and HUD to obtain the necessary approvals for the first two phases in Wingate’s comprehensive redevelopment of Bedford Pines.

Project Overview

City Lights and Station 464 Revitalize Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta

Located in the heart of Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, the original Bedford Pines housing community was developed as project-based Section 8 housing in the 1970s. Wingate Companies sought to redevelop the site to better meet the needs of the tenant population and better fit the rapidly redeveloping neighborhood.

With the support of the City of Atlanta and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Wingate Companies embarked on the first two phases of a multi-phase redevelopment of Bedford Pines with City Lights and Station 464. HAO helped structure the transaction so that both projects could be fully subsidized under new HAP contracts and guided the project through the HUD approval process.

Applicable HUD Programs

  • 221(d)(4) FHA Insured Loans
  • Project-Based Section 8
  • HAP Contract Bifurcation
  • HAP Renewal

Meet the Project Team

Debby Klosko, principal
Timothy J Aluise, Senior Counsel

Timothy J. Aluise

Senior Counsel

Debra Tretola


Phase 1: Senior Housing

City Lights: 80-unit Senior Housing Redevelopment

To initiate this multi-phase project, Wingate Companies worked with HAO to structure the transaction and obtain HUD approvals necessary to demolish existing Bedford Pines buildings and replace them with a new construction, 100% Section 8, senior project with a full set of amenities.

This included obtaining HUD approvals for the creation of a senior project, to bifurcate HAP contract subsidy from the demolished buildings, and to assign the newly created HAP contract to the owner of City Lights.

Phase 2: Family Housing

Station 464: 96-unit Family Housing Redevelopment

Station 464 was the second phase of the redevelopment. As with City Lights, HAO helped structure the transaction to facilitate the demolition of Bedford Pines buildings so that they could be replaced with a new construction, 96 unit building.

Unlike City Lights, Station 464 was comprised of units bifurcated from multiple phases of Bedford Pines. Accordingly, HAO worked with Wingate to lay the groundwork and obtain approvals needed to create the new Station 464 HAP contract that would subsidize the new building and provide for its long term affordability.

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Project Outcomes

Complex Redevelopment Addresses Long-Term Affordability and Housing Needs

The original community’s  low-density housing no longer met the needs of the neighborhood. Through its work with HUD, HAO helped Wingate make its redevelopment possible. Wingate will continue with its redevelopment plan until all existing Section 8 housing is replaced in new construction buildings.

Additional information on Wingate is found on their website at

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